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"we under promise & over achieve"

Are you a local wedding supplier that is the best in your area but your website does not show this or you want to be top of google? Then you have come to the right place. We are a digital marketing company that has proven track record with getting wedding businesses to number one on google locally. 

When aiming to be number one on search engines you have to start with the basics; is your website meta tags in the correct format? Does your pages have the right number of headings and images?  We do a 100 point check on your website. To the more advanced areas of backlinks and domain ranking. 

We can offer you full SEO packages using our own unique approach or we can help you with elements of your own SEO plan. 

So if you are a wedding photographer, a bridal shop or wedding DJ and if you think your website is unachieveing then please get in touch for a no obligation chat. 

Don't take our word for it!

What is the purpose of your website?

Many people fall into the trap that a website is to sell yourself but in our opinion this is wrong, the design of a website needs to convince the audience to spend money with you. This may seem like it is the same thing but we will explain the difference. 

If a user is on your website then the chances are they now what you offer, they are not going to randomly type in your domain name. They will have found your website from google, recommendations or an advert. The job of the website is to convince the browser that you are the company to use. 

This all comes down to first impressions, think of your website as a store, if you walked in to a store and it was a mess and you couldn't find what you wanted but no one was manning the store would you still buy something? Doubtful. 

When a user lands on your website you need a well designed and clear layout, have easy to spot call to actions, make the information that a user wants to know easy to find. Have a clean stylish layout that shows a customer you are professional. The team at WeddingSeo can help you get your website conversation higher and where it should be.

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